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Update to the International Database Transport for Feed Sector (IDTF)


Creating a specific IDTF number for “Molasses, vinasses and similar products” - specific rules relating to the new IDTF number.

The IDTF defines cleaning levels applicable after each transport of goods, in order to ensure the safety of products intended for animal feed for subsequent  transport.

The risk of contamination and therefore the cleaning levels are defined taking into account the nature of products and the risks of residues in the next load.

In case of bulk liquid transport, it is acknowledged that bulk tankers are designed such that these flow empty by gravity / pump discharge, so, after discharge, in practice only very minimal residues of a previous load will remain.

Between goods with homogeneous characteristics and having similar uses, the risks of contamination between materials are very limited.

This has led us to identify opportunities for exemptions of cleaning, applicable for “homogeneous” goods of the same group (listed in a specific IDTF No), under certain conditions defined in "important requirements" for each group.

The carrier remains responsible for the cleanliness of the loading compartment.

The new IDTF No is created as follows. It concerns molasses, vinasses, liquid sugars and various by-products from fermentations, the exhaustive list of which is given in the detailed page of the  IDTF.


Product name

Cleaning regime


Molasses, vinases and similar products


The conditions are described in the "important requirement" of this IDTF No, as follows :

“Cleaning after a transport of a product listed in this IDTF No  is not mandatory when all of following  requirements are met:

  1. The next load belongs to this IDTF No;
  2. The bulk tanker is properly drained;
  3. This exemption from cleaning must be approved  in writing  by the company that receives the product. The instructing party must confirm to the transport operator that the exemption can be applied;
  4. This exemption from cleaning must not lead to an increase in chemical, microbiological and/or physical risks for transported feed and must be included in the risk-assessment of transport company and documented;
  5. The time between the 2 following loads must be taken into account in the risk assessment.”

Products listed in this new number has been removed from IDTF Nos 30308 and 30311, where they were previously classified.

The above change to the IDTF is applicable immediately and is binding.