The ICRT participants:
GMP+ International


The International Committee for Road Transport (ICRT) welcomes AIC and Gafta as new members


In November 2013 two new associations from the UK were welcomed to the ICRT to increase the number of member organisations to seven.

The new members are the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) owners of the TASCC, UFAS and FEMAS schemes and the Grain and Feed Trade Association (Gafta) who are owners of the Gafta Trade Assurance Scheme (GTAS).

Formerly UKASTA, AIC was formed 10 years ago and is a trade association for the feed, crop protection, arable, seed, and fertiliser sectors of the agrisupply industry.   AIC also run 5 assurance schemes that cover most sectors of the industry which are all independently certified and audited.  AIC has around 280 members and over 3500 trade assurance participants.  Further information can be found at

Gafta is the international trade association for the grain and feed trades with circa 1500 members in 90 countries. Gafta has been in existence in one form or another for nearly 140 years with the aim of promoting international trade in grain and animal feeds, pulses and rice.  GTAS has been operating since 2005 and is an independently audited and certified HACCP based assurance scheme for operators in the international trade. GTAS is a modular scheme that includes standards for all the key trading and logistical elements of international trade, recently expanded by the addition of manuals relating to sustainability.

Integration of the IDTF into the respective schemes will take place over the next 12 months.  

The International Committee for Road Transport or ICRT was founded in 2007 by the organisations OVOCOM (Belgium), GMP+ International (The Netherlands) and Qualimat (France), with QS Qualität und Sicherheit (Germany) joining in 2009 and GTP in 2013. For the purpose of assurance of feed safety within the animal feed sector, these five members strive to harmonize the requirements for bulk road transport of products intended for animal feed. Link IDTF-website