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International Database Road Transport

Intended for: Feed and Transport Companies and Certification Bodies


Changes have been made to the loading category classifications and have been implemented in the International Database Road Transport.

The International Committee for Road Transport (PDV, Ovocom, Qualimat and QS) has classified  some new products. The classifications have now been incorporated into the International Database Road Transport which have been published today on the PDV website at the same time as this newsletter.

The following new substances have been classified:

  • Gums will be classified in LR3C (nr. 30268);
  • Compound H26, H29 and H31 will be classified in LR3B (nr. 30269).

The above changes to the International Database Road Transport will apply and are binding immediately.

Compatibility has been established with effect for some years with the organisations Qualimat, OVOCOM, QS and PDV. There is still a list of product differences which the carrier should regularly consult on ,, or . This differences list should be complied with completely. The strictest regime to be applied will be determined by the recipient party. It is the intention of the organisations to have the same assessment and classification of these products.