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France does not recognise the cleaning and release procedures of the Dutch competent authority (VWA)

Intended for: Transport companies and certification bodies


Due to a the French competent authorities' stricter interpretation of the applicable legislation relating to products of animal origin, Dutch vehicles are sometimes rejected at the gate of French companies.

In spite of interchangeability of GMP+ B4.1 and Qualimat -Transport® and the application of the required cleaning regimes, Dutch vehicles are sometimes rejected by French companies when delivering animal feedstuffs. This concerns vehicles carrying certain products of animal origin as a previous load that were subsequently correctly cleaned, disinfected and if required, inspected by the competent authority.

The reason that some animal feed transports are refused in spite of correct treatment lies in the differences in interpretation of the applicable legislation1) by the Dutch and the French authorities. The Dutch competent authority (VWA - Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) allows using vehicles that were previously used for carrying products of animal origin for different purposes (for example transport of animal feed), subject to compliance with the legal requirements that apply with respect to cleaning and disinfection procedures and/or inspection. However, the French authorities are stricter and require dedicated vehicles for a number of products of animal origin. This means that if one or more of these products are carried in a certain vehicle, this vehicle is no longer eligible for transporting animal feed from or to French companies.

The above applies to Dutch carriers. If carriers from other countries incur similar obstructions depends on the interpretation of animal feed legislation by the national competent authority in their home country.

Qualimat is aware of the fact that this requirement limits exchangeability between GMP+ B4.1 and Qualimat -Transport® and has commenced a dialogue with the French competent authorities regarding a possible solution.

1)Regulation (EC) Nr. 1774/2002 in order to determine health instructions relating to animal by-products not intended for human consumption and Regulation (EC) Nr. 999/2001 relating to determining regulations relating to the prevention, control and extermination of certain transferable spongiform encephalopathies.